Welcome to Coosa Middle School

Dear Parents and Students,

We are offering our middle school students an attendance incentive for each semester during the school year. Any student that does not miss a class more than three times and is passing the class will be able to exempt the exams.

Students passing with 3 or fewer absences are exempt from exams for the fall semester and will attend school on the day of the exam but will get to enjoy another activity for that period , however, they may choose to take the exam without penalty.

If you would like to get text messages about things that are going on at CMS click here to sign up.

The doors will be opened every morning at 7:20.

The homeroom bell rings at 7:45.
The late bell rings at 8:00.

Please be mindful of the traffic in front of the high school with the construction.

We are very excited about this school year.  The teachers at Coosa Middle are going to educate, love and protect the students.

The Eagle's Creed
I am an Eagle!
I am a literate and responsible citizen.
I am Self- Disciplined, and I am in control of my choices.
I am Orderly, and I support my school and community.
I Accept Responsibility for my education and the life I choose to lead.
I am Respectful to those around me, peers and leaders alike.
I am Eagle Strong, and I know the sources of that strength.
I am a Coosa Eagle!
I will Soar!

Destination Graduation for EVERY Child.

If you need school insurance for your child click here for  more information.



  August 2015  
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